The most advanced indoor growing system


Your cm0 vegetable indoor garden that consumes like a light bulb.

IRIS is in your kitchen and it is in your smartphone: it's a modern and beautiful piece of smart furniture connected to your device. It comes in different sizes and allows everyone to nourish with fresh and healthy food, daily, without effort and contributing to save the environment in the meantime.

  1. Easy
  2. Organic
  3. Technology
  4. Design
Just put the pre-seeded capsules in their slots and the system will know what plants you are growing. IRIS will regulate nutrients, light cycles and all the necessary environmental conditions to optimize growth.
We are developing the smartphone app that interfaces with the IRIS mainframe and sends alerts about the growth stage of the plants, giving indications on the time for harvest.
Through the app the user can remotely speed up or slow down the speed of development and maturation of its products, for example in the event of prolonged absence.
When fully operational, IRIS provides fresh vegetable in continuous cycle, chemical free, totally ORGANIC and directly in your house!
In a closed system and controlled such as IRIS, pests and pesticides are COMPLETELY ABSENT and our food grows fresh, healty and totally safe for you and you family.
Biological and botanical research conducted by our team allows to reproduce the original plants terroir and give you the true taste of every vegetable you eat. Is not only fresh, is also GENUINELY GOOD.
The entire system at the moment constantly adjusts environmental parameters associated with specific stages of plants growing. The core tech of IRIS is NEBULA, our proprietary system that mixes nano water bubbles irrigation, pre-seeded nourishing capsules and micro sensors.
IRIS is an innovative appliance, seamlessly integrated in the kitchen or in the living room, totally independent, which allows you to cultivate, nor effortless experience, from 20 to 300 vegetable plants, spices and berries.

01. Seeding

Decide what you want to plant and buy the seeds

02. Watch it grow

Let your devices notificy you if your plants need something

03. Harvest

The app will notify you when it's time for the harvest: enjoy your meal!

Lorenzo Gambino

Architect and Designer, forge of ideas. Strong inclination to problem solving. GreenTech and IOT enthusiast. Passionate for biomimicry.

Manuel De Canal

Landscape Architect and Agronomist. With deep respect for nature and great knowledge of its dynamics. Has an inexplicable love for whales.
Via Pullino 30, Rivoli (Turin - Italy)